Membership Dues and Gear Pricing

A membership at Cranbrook Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu allows you to attend any classes that we offer.

Our 1 Year Membership is the most popular and gives you the option of paying on a monthly basis.  It is automatically renewing and guaranteed for life.  Payment options are VISA, M/C or PAD (automatic withdrawal from your bank account).

Rate Plans:

1 Year Membership

Monthly Rate:     $100.00

6 Month Membership

Full 6 Months:    $660.00

3 Month Membership

Full 3 Months:    $360.00

Kids Class Membership

Per semester:  $400.00, $350.00 for second sibling.


Gear Prices:

Gi, Adult             $150.00

Gi, Children’s     $125.00

Club T-shirt:       $25.00

Rashguard:        $45.00

Hoodie:              $55.00

MMA Gloves:     $50.00