Membership Dues and Gear Pricing

A membership at Cranbrook Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu allows you to attend any classes that we offer.

Our Month to Month Membership is the most popular and allows you to only pay for months that you will attend the gym. If you only attend one class within a month, you are required to pay for the entire month. Some members dont attend for some months due to work schedules or vacations.   Payment options are VISA, M/C or E-Transfer.

Rate Plans:

1 Year Membership

Monthly Rate:     $130.00

Kids Class Membership

Per semester:  $450.00, $400.00 for second sibling, $350.00 for third sibling.


Gear Prices:

Gi, Adult           $180.00

Gi, Children’s     $140.00

Club T-shirt:       $25.00

Rashguard:        $70.00

Hoodie:             $80.00

Spats:     $60.00

Fight Shorts: $60.00